Chinese restaurant on the 2nd floor with 94 seats is the most popular restaurants in the hotel, serves authentic Cantonese cuisine with local ingredients. The restaurant’s 8 private dining rooms provide an ideal space for private gathering.

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Wok fried cod fillet with red preserved bean curd sauce and flamed with kaoliang wine

Golden awards for "Top 10 Desserts and Cuisines" in the 11th Chinese Cuisine Culture International Forum ,2021


Cantonese Roasted Duck (Please order 3 days advance)

Chicken congee with green crab, Chinese celery and spring onion

CAI FENG LOU special crab served with congee

Spicy chicken "Sichuan" style

Braised whole abalone with black mushrooms and premium oyster sauce

 Roasted suckling pig (please order in advance)


Sliced boneless U.S. beef spare rib, beef broth, spicy chili oil

Dim sum

 Soy bean curd with ginger syrup

● Pu-erh tea,  Chrysanthemum tea and Jasmine green tea / NT$30+10% per cup
● Tieguanyin and Pekoe oolong tea / NT$160+10% per pot
● Sun Moon Lake ruby tea / NT$180+10% per pot

Corkage fees for beverage and wine: TWD $500 per bottle ; spirits: TWD $1,000 per bottle

Operation Hours

Lunch  11:30 to 14:30
Dinner 17:30 to 21:30

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