Japanese specialty restaurant on the 1st floor has 104 seats ─ offers selections of Japanese cuisine, teppanyaki, sake and sushi. Sit around the teppanyaki-style grill and enjoy the chefs skilfully cooking in front of guests.

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Japanese Weekday Lunch Set

Selection of nigiri sushi
Broiled kabayaki eel
Deep fried Hiroshima oyster
Broiled salmon with salt

◎Weekday Lunch Set NT$520~760+10%

Main Course (Choose one from the following)

  • Selection of sashimi
  • Selection of nigiri sushi
  • Bowl of rice with sashimi
  • Broiled mackerel with salt
  • Deep fried Hiroshima oyster
  • Broiled salmon with salt
  • Broiled kabayaki eel
  • Broiled U.S. Angus beef boneless spare rib with salt 
Serves with octopus wasabi, seasonal salad, Steamed Koshihikari rice and pichles, red miso soup with tofu , seasonal fresh fruit and dessert of the day

◎Tepapnyaki Lunch Set NT$980+10%

Main Course (Choose one from the following)
  • U.S. Angus Prime boneless beef spare ribs
  • Duck breast “Cherry Valley”
  • Selection of pork cheeks
  • Boneless of free-range chicken thigh
  • Seasonal fish fillet
Serves with appetizer, mixed green salad, soup of the day, handmade garlic breads, seasonal fish fillet and fresh seafood plate, stir-fried seasonal vegetables, seasonal fresh fruit and homemade dessert.


Hot pot and Sukiyaki

Selection of different meats
Hot pot set
 Sukiyaki set

◎Teppanyaki Set Menu

● Scallop set NT$1,280-2,980+10%

● King prawn set NT$1,580-3,280+10%
● Hungarian duck liver set NT$1,580-3,280+10%

Japanese Wagyu A5 beef ribeye


Explore the authentic taste and try culinary delights with all five of your senses.


Duck breast ”Cherry Valley

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